Kulplu İçecek Sunum Tahtası İroko


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    Ürünü teslim aldıktan sonra herhangi bir sebepten dolayı iade etmek isterseniz, üründe bir deformasyon olmadığı müddetçe iade almayı taahhüt ediyoruz

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The miracle of nature is now on the table with Beverage Presentation with Handle accompanied by the AGACTANYA quality. Wouldn't you like to gather all the necessary items for your tea and coffee presentations together? For those who enjoy the warm days on the balcony, garden and picnic, comes the perfect tea and coffee presentation! In the products of AGACTANYA specially prepared for tea and coffee presentations made of solid wood, separate places are prepared for chocolate and snacks, and you will find the opportunity to include spoons and similar needs on the same presentation tray. Stylish treats pass through these presentations. Reflect the elegance and elegance of wood in your treats to your loved ones with the wooden tea and coffee presentation tray of AGACTANYA. Make your good moments spent together, tea and coffee conversations more enjoyable and turn it into a visual feast. Our presentation boards, which will add elegance to your coffee and tea presentations, will be permanent on your desks and tables.

• Made of Iroko tree.
• Since it is made of natural wood, each product has its own textures and colors.
• Oiled with natural oil.
• It is not suitable to wash in the dishwasher.
• After washing and drying by hand, should be periodically lubricated with an organic oil (olive oil).
• Suitable for long-term use when done proper maintenance.
• Does not contain protective substances!
• Produced in Turkey.
 Dimensions:(6.5x5.9x0.7 in) Weight: 0.4 lb

The Iroko Tree.
Solid, monolith and natural production...
Growing on the rainforests of the West coast of Africa, the Iroko tree allows monolith production thanks to its large trunk. The production does not require adding or joining extra pieces.∗ It is made of Iroko wood.
Rigid, dense and durable...
The Iroko tree transmits the power of the rainforests to its trunk and it is this transmission which makes it indefectible, nondeformable and ageless. Its heavy and oily composition absorbs a very small amount of water, therefore minimizes the risk of dilatation and cracking.
The most natural state of the hygiene...
The Iroko tree can easily become dry. Its wet- and moisture-resistant nature makes it the most convenient tree to use in kitchen or on table, and its capacity to resist to the bark beetles and to the infections they bring makes it permanently healthy.
Strength on the inside, elegance on the outside...
The Iroko tree becomes yellowish after being processed, but gains its brown or chocolate brown color after the oxygen contact. It blends its rigidness and durableness with aesthetics, which shape its singular look. Organic life friendly.


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